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Chrisje interview with Cindy Foster: the best lesbian comedian!

maxresdefaultCindy Foster, comedian from the USA, got famous overnight with her hilarious video’s about Lesbian Life. I was lucky enough to interview this funny lady with a huge heart, all across the ocean!

At what age did you find out you were funny?
“I found out I was funny back in highschool! I was voted class clown and spent a lot of time in detention, ha! My mother was pretty strict so whenever I was in detention, she would not pick me up and I would have to walk all the way home afterwards. I always loved making kids laugh: I’d walk through the halls and do “the goat”.”

Can you do the goat for me please?
“Sure, but then you have to do it too so we can bond!”
Okay! I will!
– Cindy does an incredible imitation of a goat – I laugh hysterically and forget my next question instantly.

33734884_10215519253524097_2764570384287137792_nWhen did you come out of the closet as a comedian?
“Ha, you had me there for a second! I came out of the closet as a comedian five years ago. It’s really not long ago, is it? Before that I used to work as a social worker and a preschool teacher. My neighbour told me about a stand-up class on Monday nights for a couple of weeks, and I decided to take it. We did a stand-up show at the end of the class. That’s when I really got the bug.”

I knew right then: this is what I want to do.

“I started booking some shows. The videos that I made actually started out accidentally! The first one I did was when they decided in Indiana, you didn’t legally have to serve gays if you were religious. So I thought about it, while I was in my car in Massechusets and I had in my mind, if I went to go get pizza, how would they know I was a lesbian? Would there be some sort of a test? So I sat in the car and did my little video for my friends, and I posted it on Facebook. A day later, my son said: “Your video has 5000 views!”, so it started to get picked up. People started sharing the video. It went viral. Within a few days it went up to 400.000 views. Then I started doing more video’s. Thats how I came up with Lesbian camping season. The video’s are mostly improvisation. I don’t have a script in mind before, I just talk about what comes up in my mind.”

Your video’s are hilarious! How do you manage to keep a ‘straight’ face while recording them?
“I get in a weird place where I am really really into it, you know? The lesbian meditation video for example was recorded in my daughter’s room, cause her room is so much more zen than mine, and then I did it and I was laughing really hard on the inside. By the way, my daughter saw it on Facebook later and she was like “What were you doing in my room?!” She was a little annoyed with me, but it was for a good cause.”

32186731_10215397083149914_5223738129625645056_nYou have a huge fanbase. You are working fulltime as a commedian now?
“I just stopped doing all of it. Now I only do comedy. This was really my dream. I am waiting to make my millions yet, though, haha! But yes, I’m doing more and more shows. I don’t have a manager yet, so it’s a lot of work. I will probably get to the point where I will need a manager.

Things have really picked up over the last year in a way that I didn’t see coming. I’m also getting recognized more now, that’s so bizarre, but I love meeting new people. I love doing pictures and talking to people. Before and after my show. I love that! What you see is what you get with me. And I love connecting with people and getting to know new people.

Provence town for example was really fun. This woman came to me late at night at a bar, asking me where my friend got her pizza. She was hungry for pizza I guess! But then she found out it was me and she lost it! She took me to meet her wife. Turns out I was on their “celebrity list”! I was her “pass”! So I was apologizing laughing, and her wife was like “it’s fine, I’m actually gonna get laid well tonight,” haha!”

Are you planning to visit the Netherlands any time soon?
“You know, I really am like a gipsy. I let my passport expire. I had been without a car since February. I borrowed cars, rented cars… I did actually get a car, finally, today. I am kind of chaotic and really easily distracted, usually I am just all over the place. I can yell squirrel! in the middle of something and bam! I am on a another project. It’s actually a funny story, we were once in school because there were some suspicions that my daughter would have ADHD. She didn’t though, but in that meeting I was diagnosed with ADHD on the spot, haha! I definitely believe I have ADHD. My mind is always bouncing all over the place.”

I think many of the most creative people have ADHD.
“Oh definitely! I do meditate now though. Not in an ‘ooohhmmmmm’ kind of way. I just sit in the garden or in nature. That calms me down. Oh, look, I forgot to answer your question! Hahaha!”

I forgot it, too. I’m an ADHD interviewer.
“Hahaha! What was it again? Oh yeah: when will I come to the Netherlands! Well, when you find a venue and agree to be my Dutch tourguide, I will for sure come to the Netherlands.”

On it!

18527522_10212310533948113_2009558852133357693_nWhat was the most negative experience you ever had being a lesbian?
“Let me think… well, it actually wasn’t even really horrible, but just really weird. I was eating icecream in Nothampton, Massachussetss, which is usually a really gay-friendly place. I was sitting on the sidewalk, just eating my icecream with my former girlfriend. These guys drove by in their car and they were shouting ‘Fucking dykes!’ out of the car window. So weird! I just kept eating my icecream, kind of flabbergasted by what just happened. I really haven’t had much bad reactions to be honest. But I know that’s not the case everywhere!”

Part of why I do what I do is to make people aware, there’s lessons to be learned in much of my content. I do what I do to to open up eyes. When you do it with comedy, people have their guard down. I hope to open up minds.

“I really do hope that I open up minds, and I love connecting with people, like this! I am here talking to you all the way over there in the Netherlands, that’s just beautiful, we get to connect. Facebook can be isolating, but in a way it can also be really connecting.”

Have you ever experienced stage fright?
“You know what’s silly? Before every show I get really really nervous, I start to feel like I have to pee all the time, I’m like a cat with a urine infection. Seriously, before a show you can picture me as a a cat with a urine infection on the litter box, peeing just a little every three minutes.”

But the second I get on stage it’s gone. I get really calm. Totally grounded. It’s my form of zen.

“I still curse myself before, I think what if, I start rewriting stuff. But when I get up there I know what to do.”

What was the most special moment in your carreer so far?
“It was a benefit show at my old highschool. I knew all these people, I grew up there, with them. Friends came, their parents came. All the people of my past were there. It was really cool, I did a lot of jokes about what the town was like back then. It was a benefit for the highschool band by the way, which is funny because I was never in the band in highschool. The band played on the bleachers and I was the girl who smoked weed under the bleachers, haha!”

We know you can’t throw or catch a ball and that you automatically duck when a ball is coming your way. Is there any other type of sports you really do like?

“I played field hockey in high school for like a year, I wasn’t good at it. In my heart I really want to be athletic, but honestly: I’m just not. I do like walking, hiking, but not on a mountain, haha! I like being on a boat, but I don’t like to do anything on it.”

Basically, you just want to go on a cruise?

“Haha, yeah! Totally! Wait, my daughter just reminded me of something! I do like to swim in the ocean, and she says proudly that I can do that all by myself. Haha! I am quite clumbsy! For example, we were on vacation in seaworld once, I just tripped, fell and broke my arm. It was actually hilarious, people were stepping over me all annoyed, like “Get out of the way, lady!” and the cleaning lady was sweeping around me!”

What do you want to say to the people in the Netherlands?

“I really just want to thank everyone for their support and I hope you will watch my video’s… and that I’ll be able to visit the netherlands soon!”

Cindy’s video’s en informatie over haar optredens vind je hier.

Second Love: Waarom ook veel mannen NIET voor een affaire kiezen

pexels-photo-12628-largeVrouwen zijn vaak in hun hoofd bezig met allerlei projecten. In het weekend, als er niet gewerkt hoeft te worden, komen er heel vaak allerlei leuke Projecten op in het hoofd van de vrouw.
Zoals bijvoorbeeld project Nieuwe Meubels, project Ruimere kast, of project Tuin Winterklaar maken. Project Kledingkast uitmesten en Oude Kleding Vervangen Door Nieuwe komt ook regelmatig voor.

Mannen zetten vaak in het weekend hun hoofd het liefst in rust stand. Na een week werken zijn ze blij als ze gewoon, Al Bundy style, een beetje kunnen chillen op de bank. Balletje trappen, beetje lezen of spelletjes spelen op de smartphone, dat soort dingen. Na een week waarin hun baas al met drie projecten aan hun bureau / werkplek stond, is het laatste waar mannen zin in hebben in het weekend: nog meer projecten.

Toch hebben vrouwen daar vaak wel zin in. Want laten we eerlijk zijn, zonder projecten is het leven niet leuk. Wij vrouwen willen ons graag nuttig voelen, willen resultaten zien. En daar hebben we soms ook onze mannen bij nodig. En dat hij na een week werken geen zin heeft in een twee uur durend slagveld in de plaatselijke Hornbach of Meubelzaak, nou, daar hebben we niet zo’n boodschap aan. Wij hebben ook gewerkt deze week, achter de kinderen aan gerend, het huis gepoetst en een ratrace gedaan van het zwembad naar de voetbalclub, dus: niet zeuren.

Dus mokt hij achter zijn Vrolijke Vrouw en kinderen aan door de Hornbach, waar hij zich in tegenstelling tot de reclame verre van Kamijajaajippiejippiejeej voelt, terwijl zijn vrouw de oren van zijn hoofd vraagt over soorten laminaat / behang / verf soort die al dan niet schadelijk is voor de luchtwegen. Hij loopt achteraan door de Ikea, waar hij gebroederlijk naar andere vaders met zijn ogen rolt, en kijkt om zich heen of er nog lekkere mokkels door de Ikea lopen. Als verzachting voor de pijn zeg maar, van die onverbiddelijke vrouw met een snor, die net haar winkelkar op zijn voet parkeerde.

En als ze dan terug rijden naar huis, hun auto volgeladen met praktische rotdingen waar hij straks weer iets mee moet, mogen ze ook nog eens niet stoppen bij de Kentucky, want e-nummers en suikers. Of zoiets. Langzaam begint hij uit te kijken naar maandag: misschien kan hij stiekem wel ergens een dutje doen, op het werk. Mijmerend denkt hij terug aan de tijd dat ze nog kinderloos waren; de tijd dat ze nog drie keer per week seks hadden in plaats van drie keer per jaar, de tijd dat hij nog meer haar / minder grijs haar had en meer testosteron, meer vrije tijd, minder projecten. Om de dag compleet te maken, werd hij vandaag getagd op Facebook als  geschikte deelnemer van Nationale Kale Koppendag, en al zijn Facebook vrienden lachten er om. Hij ook hoor. Maar dan wel als een kalende boer met kiespijn.

Veel tijd om daar over verdrietig te zijn krijgt hij echter niet. Want thuis gekomen moet hij aan de bak. Projecten uitvoeren, ondertussen poepluiers ontwijkend (“Ik kan dit nu niet uit mijn handen laten vallen schat!”), Ikea kasten met veel te veel schroefjes in elkaar schroeven, de hele dag een vloekbui onderdrukkend.

Aan het eind van de dag, als de kinderen in bed liggen, zijn vrouw tevreden zit te kijken naar het eindresultaat van het project van deze week, verwijdert hij de Kale Koppen tag van zijn Facebook tijdlijn en nestelt hij zich voor de televisie. Hij zoekt nog eens mijmerend op Schoolbank naar oud klasgenotes, uit een ver, minder grijs verleden, en kijkt geïnteresseerd op bij de reclame van “Second Love”, waarbij zijn vrouw altijd een zuur mondje trekt. “Ben jij gelukkig getrouwd? Ik ook.” zegt de zwoele vrouwenstem vanaf de televisie.

Vermoeid krabt hij aan zijn hoofd.
Second Love. Een tweede vrouw. Klinkt te mooi om waar te zijn. Nog meer projecten: veel te vermoeiend. Zacht valt hij weg in een fijn, rustig dutje; het eind van de dag kan hij wel afsluiten zoals hij hem had willen beginnen: Al Bundy style op de bank.

Meisje staat nietsvermoedend te zingen in een winkelcentrum als haar idool Ed Sheeran het podium op springt voor een duet

Het zal je maar gebeuren. Deze Ed Sheeran fan staat nietsvermoedend te zingen in een winkelcentrum als haar idool himself het podium op springt om mee te zingen!

Why Men Don’t Understand Women

Sorry, ladies, but I tend to understand why men don’t understand women.
Nowadays we thrive in being emancipated: we make our own living, pay our own bills and we try not to depend on anyone else but ourselves. But, when it comes to dating, we raise our eyebrows when he offers to go Dutch when the check arrives.

Normally, We Women are very balanced, organized and happy. Except for a couple of days a month. Those days are referred to by my friends as “Normally I am happy, but for two days a month, I just want to die.” or as “The Dark Days.” Those special days of the month, we tend to send many signals and mixed messages to our loved ones. But as most men don’t get hints or signals, that’s where everything goes wrong. Normally we adore him, but during those special days he gets under our skin, just for being himself, or for breathing. We sit on the couch, next to them, and then it happens.

We start breathing really loud. “Hm,” he thinks, “..she’s kind of breathing loud.”
“Is there something wrong, honey?” he innocently asks us.
But of course, we say “No.”
“Okay. Good.” he thinks, while he launches another angry bird on his tablet.

But his very own angry bird is sitting right there, next to him, fueling up on arguments. Because of course we are mad. We are furious. And the way we said no, should have been his cue. It’s just that most men don’t get that signal. They hear no, so that’s no. No is no, right? At least, that’s what we normally preach them to understand. Except for these moments.

When the Husband – completely unaware of his wrong doing – keeps playing Angry Birds on his tablet, we walk towards the kitchen, drilling our heals into the floor. When that doesn’t help, we start doing the dishes in a very loud manner. So loud, the Husband looks up from his birdies and thinks “Why is she throwing dishes around the kitchen? They’re going to break.”
If he dares to step in to the kitchen, asking if we’re sure there’s nothing wrong, that’s the moment our anger volcano erupts.

BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS WRONG. Of course everything is wrong! We lose our patience and blurt out all of the things we are annoyed by, the things we think he should do without us having to ask for it, and most of all, we drag a few very old mistakes from the past right into the present, just because we can, because we’re women, and we REMEMBER EVERYTHING.

When the Husband has endured our eruption of anger, he stands there wondering whether he will keep anything in the divorce, while we run off to the bathroom to cool off. After which we feel guilty and bad for yelling at him that way, cause after all, he isn’t nearly as bad as the neighbor’s husband. And we do love him, still. If only he would help out a little more around the house, and if only he would breathe normally.

It’s not always easy being an independent modern woman. Actually, it can be pretty exhausting. Sometimes we just need to be very unreasonable, for absolutely no reason at all. That’s why it’s not easy being a modern man. Sorry, men.

Kippenvel, ontroering en tranen bij dit filmpje… te mooi om niet te delen!

Dit filmpje raakte me. Het toont perfect aan dat LIEFDE geen verschillen kent in ras, geloof, geslacht, leeftijd, beperkingen of wat dan ook.

Te mooi om niet te delen…. Zeker in de huidige tijden blijft het belangrijk om te laten zien, dat echte liefde en vriendschap blind zijn voor uiterlijke verschillen. Dat mensen juist die verschillen in elkaar kunnen waarderen en koesteren. Dat een roze gezin net zo echt en liefdevol is als een hetero gezin. Dat een mens met een verstandelijke of lichamelijke beperking, net zo zeer in staat is om lief te hebben als een mens zonder.  Dat mensen met een verschillend geloof vreedzaam naast elkaar kunnen leven. Dat liefde verschil in huidskleur niet belangrijk vindt. Daarom: te mooi om niet te delen.

Look Up – een eye-opener!

Je gaat wel nadenken door dit filmpje. “Smart phones and dumb people”: in deze video “Look Up” wordt getoond hoe anti-sociaal we zijn geworden door social media. Hoe sociaal ben jij nog?